what is a 9ct gold back and front locket

Your Guide to 9ct Gold Back & Front Lockets

The term "back and front" refers to a locket which is constructed with a layer of 9ct gold on both the front and back, with a non-gold metal sandwiched in between.  Usually the inside rim, the hinge and the removable frame are made from a gold plated metal. 

9ct gold back and front lockets are considered more durable than lockets made from solid gold. The reason being solid gold is fairly soft and easily bent so the metal frame offers more stability and durability to the opening and closing structure. These additional metals make the gold harder and more resistant to scratching and denting than higher-purity gold alloys, which can be softer and more susceptible to wear and tear.

In addition, the use of a non-gold metal layer in back and front lockets allows for the creation of a piece that has the appearance of solid gold, but at a lower cost. This makes the locket more accessible to a wider range of customers, who can enjoy the durability and beauty of a gold piece of jewellery at a more affordable price point.

Antique 9ct gold back and front lockets are highly sought after by collectors and those who appreciate vintage or antique jewellery. They are a beautiful and timeless piece of jewellery that can hold special meaning and sentimental value. When shopping for an antique 9ct gold back and front locket, it's important to ensure that the locket is in good condition, with all hinges and clasps functioning properly, and that any engravings or other decorative elements are intact. Click here to view our full range of vintage lockets.

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