Collection: Victorian

Victorian jewellery spans from the reign of Queen Victorian from 1837 until 1901. Queen Victoria absolutely loved jewellery and had a huge personal collection (some of which can be viewed at the V&A museum in London). Queen Victoria inspired this beautiful jewellery trend and was a pioneer for this movement. At Milly’s Marvels we too are fascinated by this historical time for jewellery.

Victorian Mourning jewellery saw a rise in popularity after the death of Victoria’s beloved Prince Albert. We have an extensive collection of sentimental Victorian lockets which are all inspired by the Victorian’s fascination with mourning jewellery. Mourning jewellery was worn to commemorate a loved one. Victorian lockets are hugely popular as you can place a portrait of your loved one inside of the locket keeping your beloved close to your heart.  Sentimental items of jewellery can also have personal engraved messages making them more personal.

Other popular types of Victorian jewellery were black jewellery which includes glass, black enamel and the highly sought-after vulcanite mineral stone. Carved cameos, mini portraits, hairwork and silhouettes are also further examples of sentimental pieces inspired by the Victorian jewellery movement.