Collection: Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau jewellery is a particular favourite with us at Milly's Marvels; and a popular choice with collector's today. The Art Nouveau movement ranges from 1890 until 1915.  Art Nouveau comes in a variety of styles both in organic and geometric forms characterised by flowing lines and soft swirls. Art Nouveau jewellery designs were often based on floral and plant inspired motifs such as flowers, birds, insects, butterflies and the curvaceous bodies of beautiful women in the form of cherubs, fairies and nymphs.

A wide variety of materials can be used in the production of Art Nouveau jewellery. Materials include glass, enamel, mixed metals as well as precious and semi-precious gemstones.  Soft pastel colours such as green, mustard yellow, purples and peacock blue are also distinctive in Art Nouveau jewellery. Art Nouveau is not only specific to jewellery, inspiration can also be found in Architecture, Furniture and Paintings.

At Milly’s Marvels we acquire all types of Art Nouveau jewellery and with the value of Art Nouveau jewellery ever increasing you can be sure that purchasing this style of jewellery would be a worthwhile investment.