About Us

We are delighted to welcome you to our online vintage jewellery shop Milly's Marvels!

Camilla Worster (aka Milly) has been buying and selling antique jewellery for over 20 years. Milly's Marvels was founded over 11 years ago as a side line hobby whilst Camilla was still working full time at a Design Agency in London. The business soon flourished into something bigger leading Camilla to leave her job and pursue her dream of taking on Milly's Marvels as a full time venture.

Camilla is a third generation antiques dealer with a vast knowledge of antiques and a particular interest in Victorian Jewellery and Antique Lockets.

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“My fascination with lockets started when I was a small girl & I received my first locket as a birthday gift; I put a photo of my pet dog Sam inside. How apt that I now spend my life working with them”.

“Old jewellery truly fascinates me. They are truly magical pieces of history. I have such gratitude towards our ancestors for providing us with such an abundance of beautiful & skillfully crafted jewellery which we get to pass onto our future generations.”