Collection: Edwardian

Edwardian jewellery spans the reign of Edward VII which lasted from 1901 to 1910. Edwardian jewellery and the Art Nouveau movement are closely related with lots of similarities between the two styles as they co-existed. This time period was also classified as “La Belle Epoque” movement by the rest of Europe.  During the Edwardian period there was a newfound wealth and prosperity during the reign of King Edward which saw more people affording the luxury of fine jewellery as the middle classes grew. King Edward was widely known as a pleasure seeker who loved a party, excess and horse racing; this light hearted feel is directly embodied in the jewellery.

Edwardian jewellery can be easily identified by its use of garlands, bows, swirls, and flower motifs in their design; this time period saw a delicate and feminine aesthetic with plenty of use made of filigree and milgrain designs. Pearls and Diamonds were also very popular gemstones to be used in the production of Edwardian jewellery. Browse our large collection of elegant Edwardian Jewellery each with their own unique story to tell.