facts about lockets

Five Interesting Facts About Lockets

  1. Lockets were sometimes used to hold scented materials such as perfumes or potpourri, which would release their fragrance when the locket was opened.
  2. Lockets were also used to hold small amounts of poison, which could be used for suicide or murder. This practice was particularly popular in the 18th century.
  3. Lockets were also used as mourning jewellery, with miniature images of the deceased person inside or even a plaited lock of hair.
  4. Lockets have been used as a part of some cultures and tradition, like in India where lockets are worn as a part of Hindu religious practice and are often made of gold and adorned with precious gems.
  5. Queen Victoria was known to have a collection of lockets, many of which were given to her as gifts by her husband, Prince Albert.

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