What if lockets were people?

What if lockets were people?

So I have let my imagination run wild with me this morning and I came up with an idea. Just what if we could attribute personalities to antique lockets. Well, they are unique and personal after all? Sentimental pieces of jewellery which most often holds a photo of a person inside and just like people no antique locket is ever the same.

Today I have come up with some human attributes for some of my favorite lockets. Which Locket would you be?

The Nurturing Heart

This locket speaks for itself. In the shape of a heart this darling locket would suit the individual with a big heart. That person who is always caring for others, putting everybody first before herself. We all know that supportive motherly type. What I also love about this heart locket is the blank cartouche on the front making it perfect for personalizing and engraving. Do you know that special person with a kind heart who deserves something back to show just how special they are?

The Intuitive Introvert

I adore this locket and this best suits my personality. Preferring to stay indoors nestled up with a candle on and a good book. I felt this locket encapsulates the intuitive type as this antique locket features intricate hand chased detail which would have taken hours to craft, I could imagine would have been created by an introverted person who prefers to spend hours alone working on creating such a whimsical piece of magic. To purchase this locket click here.

The Creative “Fleur”

The Creative “Fleur” most obviously has the whimsical “Fleur Di Lis” emblem fashioned onto the front. I felt that this Victorian era locket would be most suited the creative type as the Fleur Di Lis is a decorative symbol which oozes creativity; if that isn’t enough for you the reverse of the locket has a curved buckle design with a shield hand crafted on the center  - quite interesting and unexpected! Just perfect for the creative type. Click here to learn more about this locket.

The Loyal Friend

This precious circle shaped locket reminds me of a Loyal Friend. The Circle symbolizing wholeness, life and eternity. All of which are character traits which I would look for in a Loyal Friend.  It is also suggestive of the cycle of time or the orbit of the planets. Many people believe that by giving someone a circle pendant it symbolises eternal love. I feel this locket would make a most thoughtful treat for that Loyal Friend in your life. If you would like to treat your loyal friend to this locket click here. 

The Curious Thinker

The reason I fell in love with this locket is the unexpected and interesting Shield like shape of the piece. Something which would be most suited to a curious mind. This awe inspiring locket has a Bloodstone plaque on the front and to the back of the locket is an elaborate hand chased floral motif which is truly magnificent, the skill and craftsmanship which went into making these pieces never ceases to amaze me. This Victorian locket would most certainly take pride of place in the Curious Thinker’s jewelry box.  Click here to purchase this Victorian locket.

The Spiritual Escapist

Another piece which suits my character, the Spiritual Escapist has an intriguing and timeless appeal. With it’s chased ivy leaves and Greek Key Motif. The Ivy leaves invoke feelings of spirituality within me as I believe that spirituality and nature are closely linked together. The Greek Key originates from Ancient Greece which links beautifully with the Escapist part of a human’s eternal essence. Suited to that person who like to get lost for hours in the wonder of an Art Gallery or history book. Do you know a Spiritual Escapist who this locket would be perfect for? Or perhaps this whimsical Locket ideal as a gift for yourself? Click here for more details. 

The Celestial Dreamer

Embellished with two stars and a flourish of paste gemstones in the center; this locket reminds me of twinkling stars orbiting in the night sky. This locket would be perfectly suited to those of you who loves all things mystical and magical. Who enjoys nothing more than sitting round a campfire underneath the stars.  But who doesn’t love all things heavenly? This 1920s era gold locket is still in dreamy antique condition promising many more years of enjoyment by her new caretaker. Click here if you would like to give this special locket a home.

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